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Primary healthcare is the nodal point between a patient and further treatment he/she would undergo depending upon the severity of disease. A primary healthcare could simply start from phoning a healthcare professional, be it a pharmacist, general practitioner, nurses, family physicians etc. to diagnosing and treatment of a disease, and further taking care of that patient. It further undertake its basic principles as equal health access to everybody around the globe irrespective of their socio-economic and geographical backgrounds, Empowerment to community health and aids to healthier lives of mankind. From knowing your body in a better way and to keep yourself sound and further expanding that knowledge to family and friends, a multi- sectorial collaborations would surely help in escalating the level of world health.


As Primary care has been the initial point of contact between a patient and further treatment and so it finds it utmost importance at the time of emergencies, may be severe accident injuries, a stroke, emergency delivery cases, fits etc. The primary care if is accessible, the person could easily be rescued from grave conditions. It can be a CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), first aid in some cases etc. Heart attack fatalities can be minimized to a large extent, if proper primary care is delivered. It depends upon a person's knowledge and awareness about emergemncy situations and to reach out for Primary care in time. Primary healthcare has got great potential for emergency healthcare, and adjoined with Primary care in an appropriate manner would surely do the needful for sustaining health security.

Primary Home Care is an innovative approach to strengthen and redesign primary care. It brings together a range of health and social care professionals to work together to provide enhanced personalized and preventative care for their local community. Primary care home shares some of the features of the multispecialty community health provider focussing on a smaller population enabling primary care transformation to happen at a fast pace, it's basically delivering care at the earliest and locally to a patient in need.

Global Primary care is a differnt dimension incorporating healthcare delivered to each and every person, collaborating societies and countries together to be on the same page in terms of healthcare. It involves sustainability of healthcare delivered to all parts of world involving professionals from all over the globe, to develop expertise and initiating initiatives to render an equally accessible and feasible healthcare service all around. To provide everybody the primary healthcare needed worldwide irrespective of socio-economic backgrounds. People in different corners of world needs to learn about health issues and the best ways to prevent them in first place.

Primary Care Management Services basically deals with maintaining and reforming healthcare delivered to patients in need. It incorporates to bring together physicians, much likely delivering care and not seeking for billing and insurance reimbursements in first place. It includes the management of hospitals, by professionals and leaders in healthcare management systems. There are specialists who administer and manage all the finances, accounts and other human resources. It also involves marketing and promoting healthcare to bring in more and more revenue to support all the required facilities and creating awareness among people to care for them and their near and near ones.

Public Health has helped in restoring health of a population by specifically identifying their issues and needs, catering services to them accordingly. It's a kind of definitive service rendered to a population by different healthcare providers, to aid those in need, at the best of  their capacities. It involves ceratin traditional aspects of care also. It deals to provide care to a society to further raise their knowledge and taking steps to eliminate the risks of any endemic disease outbreak. Primary care and public healthcare are of utmost importance for creating a sound society and enhancing reach of healthcare to all the individuals. The coming together of these two cornerstones can turn the tables in field of healthcare services. It helps to comprehend the basic pre requisites for improvement of the level of healthcare in a society as whole and to take forward the ethics of healthcare.

The reason behind all brewing in the world is to earn food ultimately, or else survival of mankind will be questioned. Food is the source of energy and to be precise, different nutrients it contain be it carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. All metabolic pathways going on in our bodies are important for a healthy body. To lay emphasis, on nutrition is to create a sound system that keeps you fit and healthy. A balanced diet will help in improving your immunity and boosting your defence mechanism hence preventing many diseases. Collaboration of primary health care and nutrition, is competent enough to raise health standards and increased productivity. All this comes under Nutritional Sciences and its basics can be applied with Primary healthcare to get more benefits and to strenghten health of an individual and later on society as well. Coming together of  Dieticians and and physicians together can thereby will be helpful in sustaining Primary care for all.

Pediatrics is basically the science that deals with neonates and infants, their health, needs and their development into fit adults. They are there to provide the best of care to the young ones. A pediatric is a person with expertise in dealing with the mental, physical illnesses of a child or adolescent. The engagement of primary healthcare with Pediatrics can decrease the mortality rate of children due to some curable diseases atleast, in a few remote areas. They can easily guide the parents about prevention of certain diseases and how to manage them efficiently. Providing an easily accessible, economical child care will surely enhance the physical and physiological fitness of a child and for the whole family in turn and sustaining health of a whole society together.

Epidemiological studies are kind of surveys and researches undertaken to evaluate the occurrence of a specific disease in a specific geographic area. It is very significant in dealing with the needs of a population, when certaininty of different disease and their prevalence is known. This would surely help in coming up with policies related to manage and  providing healthcare to suffice their needs accordingly. All the statistics evolved will benefit the care providers to raise efficient healthcare facilities and the physicians can better study the prevention and curative strategies to be applicable. Collaborating primary healthcare with these epidemiological studies will be useful in comprehending the basic needs of a society and to provide them healthcare as per requirements. It will surely lead to the eradication of many fatal diseases and healthcare professionals can also be trained for managing the outbreaks and reforming healthcare facilities. It will be useful in redesigning healthcare models for a specific geographical area and executing it in a required manner.

Now days, Cancer has become one of the most prevalent diseases, escalating death tolls day by day irrespective of all advancements in technology and medication. It can occur in any part of body, be it lung, breast, colon, liver etc. It is basically the uncontrolled growth of a cell that, when it loses the capacity to undergo senescence and apoptosis(programmed cell death).The cells keep on proliferating without being differentiated and hence changes in morphology and physiology occur secreting abnormal growth proteins and enzymes. These cells can survive in hypoxia and starving conditions too. It can be because of mutation in genes like p53, and certain other factors that are responsible for conversion of proto-oncogenes to oncogenic ones. They further form a tumor and can metastasize to other organs too. The study of cancer is called Oncology and different therapies are into use as radiotherapy, chemotherapy etc., but applying primary care for the treatment of cancer could be an effective way. Researches are going on and it would surely be beneficial for escalating effects of therapies used in treating cancer. It presents a whole different dimension for research and collaborating the conventional therapies with the Primary care curing cancers.

Cardiology is the study of heart related disorders, heart-attacks, heart failures, anginas etc. are dealt under this study. From diagnosing of a heart disease to the least bothering symptoms and to treat all major heart defects via surgeries. A cardiologist has to be a mster in his profession to perform high risk heart surgeries and providing the best of care to their patient. The amalgamation of Primary healthcare with Cardiology is concerned with the provision of better care and health secuirity to heart patients. The absence of physical activiries in this fast pacing world has also been a reason for increasing cases of heart failures and attacks in young age too. Primary health care facilities can spread knowledge and guide the people in a better way to take precautions and prevent heart related issues.  

Nursing, from always has been the best practice for providing care to a patient. Nurses are the professionals who can be our guides to a better health before and after treatment, with their vast experience with so many patients. Nursing and primary health care go hand in hand, as nurses are the most significant care providers, the help in primary healthcare management in hospitals and in private clinics too. Senior nurses can always be consulted as a primary healthcare provider before we look for a physician out. Incorporating Nursing and primary healthcare together can enhance the quality of healthcare services to many folds and hence its reliability too.


Diabetes, in last few decades has become one of the most common health challenges, people are getting affected irrespective of their age these days. Though many advancements in drug delivery and medication has happened, still we are trailing behind. Diabetes Mellitus or often called Diabetes is basically a serious metabolic issue, that arises due to high glucose levels, generally body has a mechanism to counteract the greater blood glucose levels, as Insulin is produced by Islets of Langerhans of our pancreas. But in diabetic people, the efficiency of Insulin is decreased and hence the level of glucose in blood remains for prolonged periods. Though it id curable and preventable too, but it needs a bit of knowledge and caution. If primary care is applied with Diabetes treatment, it would surely increase the chances of better recovery rates and minimizing related problems as well. The less number of endocrinologists, for people to look for, has always been weakening in the knees for Diabetes management.

Dentistry deals with study of diseases, disorders, treatment and prevention related to teeth and oral cavity. Though health of oral cavity id quite neglected as compared to other body organs, but it is equally important and should be take care. A dentist is doctor trained to treat all dentition related issues, taking care of oral cavity at the young age and when a person starts ageing is the most significant for overall fitness of a person. These days even children are treated with root canals and other dental surgeries, so its deleterious for overall health of a socirty. Bringing primary healthcare and dentistry together could solve such issues to make a better healthy individual. Dental health is also a pre requisite for considering health and wellness as a whole.


Family Medicine is the medical specialty that provides continued, comprehensive health look after the individual and family. It's a specialty broad that integrates the clinical, biological and behavioral sciences. The scope of family medicine encompasses all ages, both genders, each body organ and every disease entity. Family Medicine aims to incorporate and personalize health care for patients, who are more and more frustrated with the fragmented and sophisticated health care system. It's a deviation from physician-centered models of care such as specialist care to family medicine model of care seeks to provide patients with a personal medical home through that they receive a wide range of services within the context of a continuing relationship with their family physician. Family physicians deliver acute, chronic and preventive care by either directly or indirectly through established relationships with clinicians outside their practice.

Fitness and Wellness, are the two major aspects of quality of life, that could be achieved through physical conditioning of body. Performing physical activities on a daily basis would cut short the list of lifestyle related disorders, like obesity and diabetes. Obesity, itself is responsible for many related health risks, that could be easily eliminated by regular exercising and gymming , it could be done by swimming, playing outdoor sports, dancing etc. It would help in boosting stamina and immune response to many diseases and prevention of many health issues could occur. Incorporating some amount of physical activity in our daily routine is much needed for our fitness and wellness as whole.


Mental health of a person is foundation of a person's emotional, psychological and social well - being. When a person is affected by a certain disease, there occurs a mental trauma too, that sometimes delays the recovery process too. So, introduction of palliative care with primary health care can thereby amplify the process of recovery and provide strength to the patient and his/her family to go through that. A sound mind can keep a body sound too, so investment done in physical well-being should be shared with the mental well- being too, as it is as necessary as to be fit physically. Integrating mental health care in primary healthcare will be regarded much sufficient to treat a patient more efficiently.

When it comes to first world countries, the healthcare provisions are better developed and are reachable to a larger population. Educated population is an informed population and hence awareness regarding many health issues is there. But this is not the scenario with third world countries, or in other remote areas the accessibility of healthcare is quite rare, this is where we lack in providing even the least of healthcare facility. It is the need of the hour to look into this, so as to achieve the at least required level of healthcare and enhancing the quality of life. To bring the world on same stage, in terms of healthcare is of utmost importance. Gathering enough funds to cater the basidc care facilities also pose a threat to health secuirity for people. But all these cxhallanges have to be levelled up so as Primary healthcare will be accessible to everybody around.