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  • Primary Care Nurse Practitioner | Nutrition and Healthcare

He has completed his bachelor degree in nursing in West China School of Nursing, China. Now, he is a graduated student in West China School of Nursing, majoring in hemorrhagic stroke disease.


Background: World health organization reported that stroke was the second leading cause of death in 2015, killed more than 6 million people in 2015 and remained the biggest killer with ischemic heart disease in last 15 years. In China, stroke is the first leading cause of death and disability, causing great demands for post-discharge care form communities and other institutions.  The transitional care model was regarded as the first choice to solve this problem. The purpose of this study is to analysis the link and difference in different transitional care model, and to describe the use of them in patients with hemorrhagic stroke. Methodology: Search the online database including pubmed, medline, ovid embase and so on, and review the articles. Findings: There were some mature transitional care models all over the world. However, the concept, framework, interventions and evaluation of the models differed greatly. The use of transitional care model in patients with hemorrhagic stroke was effective in reducing the cost of medical care, increasing the quality of life of patients and caregivers. Conclusion & Significance: The transitional care model was effective in stroke patients. It was a connection between the hospital and primary health care institutions. More researches are need to build a transitional care model, which is suitable for the health care system, individually.  

Yan Wang

graduated student of nursing school,West China hospitalof medicine,Sichuan University,China

Title: The effect of perinatal individualized comprehensive intervention on breastfeeding behavior of women with gestational diabetes

Yan Wang has completed her bachelor degree from nursing school,West China hospital of medicine,Sichuan University,China.And now is a graduated student of nursing school,West China hospitalof medicine,Sichuan University,China..


OBJECTIVE To study the influence of perinatal individualized comprehensive intervention on breastfeeding behavior of women with gestational diabetes.

METHOD A randomized controlled trial was used in this study.Gestational diabetes pregnant women who stayed in a women,s and children,s Hospital in Chengdu City,Sichuan Province from July 2017 To October 2017 were randomly divided into intervention group(n=107)and control group(n=105).The intervention group adopted perinatal individualized integrated intervention,the scale was assessed at admission,and individualized exercise ,diet and breastfeeding measures were fomulated.Breastfeeding,exercise and diet guidance immediately after delivery,and knowledge enhancement before discharge.Researcher take one to one ,face to face intervention throughout the process.The control   group was given routine feeding guidance.Breastfeeding,knowledge of breastfeeding knowledge and self-efficacy of breastfeeding were compared between the intervention group and the control group.

RESULT There was no difference in baseline data between the two groups of subjects at admission(P>0.05).The pure breastfeeding rate of the intervention group(31.8%) was higher than that of the control group(13.3%)(P=0.004) .The score of breastfeeding knowledge in the


intervention group(111.64±9.03) was higher than that of the control group(107.39±9.21)(P=0.001) and the inner dimension ,the skill dimension and the total score of the breastfeeding self-efficacy in the intervention group were all higer than the control group(P<0.01 for all).

CONCLUSION The adoption of perinatal individualized comprehensive intervention can significantly improve the exclusive breastfeeding rate,improve breast feeding knowledge and breastfeeding sele-efficacy in women with gestational diabetes.