Primary Care and Oncology

Now days, Cancer has become one of the most prevalent diseases, escalating death tolls day by day irrespective of all advancements in technology and medication. It can occur in any part of body, be it lung, breast, colon, liver etc. It is basically the uncontrolled growth of a cell that, when it loses the capacity to undergo senescence and apoptosis(programmed cell death).The cells keep on proliferating without being differentiated and hence changes in morphology and physiology occur secreting abnormal growth proteins and enzymes. These cells can survive in hypoxia and starving conditions too. It can be because of mutation in genes like p53, and certain other factors that are responsible for conversion of proto-oncogenes to oncogenic ones. They further form a tumor and can metastasize to other organs too. The study of cancer is called Oncology and different therapies are into use as radiotherapy, chemotherapy etc., but applying primary care for the treatment of cancer could be an effective way. Researches are going on and it would surely be beneficial for escalating effects of therapies used in treating cancer. It presents a whole different dimension for research and collaborating the conventional therapies with the Primary care curing cancers.

  • Early Diagnosis
  • Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

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